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5 Uses for Great Architectural Photography

Architectural photography has a wide range of applications and benefits, but perhaps delivers its greatest commercial benefits when put to the following uses:

Architectural Photography Residential Conversion Walkern

1. Selling properties

A set of high quality photographs taken by an experienced professional can accentuate the beauty of a building and convey the harmony between the building and its surroundings. Beautifully shot architectural photography captures both the exterior and interior of the building in an appealing way which can influence the viewer’s desire to purchase unlike any other medium. It can even help sell properties which have not yet been built by using photos of similar developments to engender a desire to buy into a forthcoming build project.

2. Commercial shoots for hotels and other venues

Photography is an invaluable way of showcasing the merits of hotels and a range of other commercial venues. A good collection of day and evening shots can help potential guests imagine exactly how they might spend their holiday, pamper day, wedding reception or other event and help generate bookings.

3. Documenting building projects for owners, stakeholders and the public

Architectural photography can record the various stages of a development, providing investors and other interested parties with a documentary record of the progress of the build. These shots can also be used to promote the building contractors and architects, and might even become part of local historical records if the project is one of particular public interest.

4. Selling design concepts

Quality photography can showcase design features and innovations in the interior of prestigious new developments. It can illustrate the use of new materials or processes or help to bring exciting new designers and architects to the attention of a wider audience.

5. Capturing images for company websites

In this internet age, it’s essential for firms to have a strong online presence. Presenting superior images of their premises on their websites is part of that strategy, and helps reinforce the company’s identity with its customers.