07747 112792 info@indigoplum.co.uk
07747 112792 info@indigoplum.co.uk

industrial photographer

Specialist Industrial Photographer in Hertfordshire and London

Industrial Photographer

At Indigoplum, we strive to provide eye catching industrial imagery. Sometimes an industrial location might not at first sight appear to be visually interesting. We will seek those opportunities  out, whether people focussed shots in a factory, machinery or building, whilst at the same time telling a story with each photo we produce.

We are specialist industrial photographers based in Knebworth, near Stevenage in Hertfordshire.

We carry the latest high tech rechargeable lighting equipment. This makes it easier, quicker and safer than ever before when working in industrial factories, without the need to run cables to lights. This enables more creative lighting techniques where natural and available lighting is simply not adequate in order to provide the optimum eye catching image. 


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