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Choosing Great Photographs for your Website

Customers buying online miss the touchy-feely element of High Street shopping. They cannot examine the products in the same way in order to make their purchase decision and are forced to rely on the website photography. Having the best product photography is really vital to a successful ecommerce website.

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With good website photography, you can make your site look more professional which provides some extra reassurance for first time customers. Customers cannot easily see the quality of the products, but they can make a judgement on the quality of the images used. If you were buying nursery furniture, for example, it would be impossible  to assess the quality of the wood from just the photography. However, customers could make the assumption that money and time invested in quality product photography is the sign of superior merchandise.


If you are using the photography supplied by the manufacturers on your website, you’ll need to ensure that the products are presented consistently for maximum effect. You will need to remove the backgrounds and resize the images to ensure that they complement the website design and the other products for sale.

On landing pages it can be really effective if you show photography of the products in their natural environment, for example in the home. This helps users to see at a glance how that product might fit into their own everyday lives.

video of your products can be a really effective way of reproducing the High Street shopping experience. Customers can see the product from all angles, in its natural environment. A video demonstration of a toy allows the customer to see the product in action and acts as an extra persuasion device. Post your video on YouTube, as well as your website, so that the maximum number of people can see it as possible. This can be a good way of bringing extra traffic into your website, particularly if your product is unique.


Photography used intelligently through your website can really boost your conversion rate. A great product photo creates a reaction and a desire in the heart of your website visitor compelling them to want to purchase the item. Great website photography can go a long way to replicate the high street shopping experience, especially with the advances in web technology in recent years which now allow users to zoom in to detail and spin 360 degrees.

Including people in your website photography can be really effective at encouraging people to buy. Shoppers want validation from a third person when they make a purchase – they want to make sure that they have made the right decision. Images of smiling happy people, especially when combined with a testimonial, can offer the reassurance that you need to make the sale.