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07747 112792 info@indigoplum.co.uk

Hertfordshire Event Photography

Celebrating 5 years of the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst, a scientific business hub based on the GSK site in Stevenage, an event was held to mark the milestone celebration.

At the Catalyst, fast growing biotech, pharma and medtech businesses can draw upon world-leading expertise, networks, academic support and scientific facilities. The event, held over an extended lunch period was designed to encourage social activity within members of the Catalyst.

Milestone event photographed by Indigoplum in Hertfordshire

Indigoplum were asked to photograph the event for record as well as capturing photos of the key speaker and host of the event, the Chairman, Ian Tomlinson during his main welcome speech.

Simon Lane, founder of Indigoplum says “key to good coverage of an event is to capture the atmosphere of any event. Showing aspects of the layout, in this case the relationship with the various acts to the main building, as well as capturing spontaneous moments that could make the event look fun and exciting were paramount. Speeches often require multiple angles including close-ups of the speaker and wide shots taken from a different angle showing the relationship between the speaker and the audience. Quite often there is little time to think as in this case. I’m always concentrating on eyes and gestures. Generally, those speakers that lift their eyes and speak to the audience rather than concentrating on screens are far better to photograph. Ian was great and it was possible to obtain an array of good speaking shots of him”.

Although on this particular occasion, the weather could have been a little kinder, the rain just about held off. Some of the activities provided great opportunities for some fun filled action shots from shooting galleries to popcorn and burgers.


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