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Hiring a Corporate Event Photographer

Events are a core activity for many companies and are growing in popularity. As we have come to rely more and more on remote working and digital communications, getting together in person has taken on greater significance and meaning. Hiring a corporate event photographer will enable you to capture the highlights from these occasions and allow you to relive them in the future.

Why hire a Corporate Event Photographer?

We have written previously about the benefits of using a professional company profile photographer, but there are several other specific benefits of hiring a photographer for corporate events, including:

  • Capture your company’s high points – Events often represent significant high points for companies, with new products being launched, big initiatives kicked off and lifelong memories created. Having a corporate event photographer present enables you to document the occasion, giving you something to share and reflect back on.
  • Create reusable digital assets – Digital marketing is now vital to success for many companies. A corporate event photographer will help you create photos and video that you can share on social media and publish on other digital outlets, helping to further promote your brand.
  • Professional look for clients – Having a professional photographer present adds to the tone and feel of your event. This also builds your credibility and demonstrates that you are not holding back on expenses to make the event a success.

The primary reason to use a professional rather than relying on amateur photography is the sheer difference in quality. Having access to the best equipment as well as technical and artistic knowledge, coupled with years of experience ensures consistent, high quality output and frees up your staff to focus on enjoying the event. A member of one of the professional photography body’s will usually ensure a high standard of work but do look beyond the qualifications.

Steps for finding a Corporate Event Photographer

You’ll want to find someone who fits the specific requirements for your organisation and event. There are several steps you can take that will help you find the perfect partner:

  1. Look at previous work – The most obvious step is to look at previous work, both in terms of actual photos produced and also the types of clients that they have worked with.
  2. Consider style – Look for someone with a style that aligns to your company, not simply someone who produces good quality work.
  3. Check references – Don’t be afraid to ask for references as there is more to great photography than just the final product. For example, were they punctual, appropriately dressed and was their work delivered on time?
  4. Local photographer – Choosing a photographer that knows the area and perhaps even venue will have its advantages. Less distance to travel means more reliability and can often result in a lower cost.
  5. Relating to a photographer – How do they come over on the phone? Do you hit it off verbally? It’s important to find a photographer you can work well with and that understands your requirements.

Specialist Event Photographers

At Indigoplum we work with corporate clients from a range of industries to provide high quality event photography and videography. We work with a professional and friendly manner, capturing the essence of events and providing a private download facility for clients to review and download the photos in high quality in their own time.

If you’re looking for a corporate event photographer for your next event, don’t hesitate to get in touch.