0333 900 2792 info@indigoplum.co.uk
0333 900 2792 info@indigoplum.co.uk

Indigoplum Invests in the New Nikon Flagship

So what does this mean to our clients? Basically this will change the way we think and work as photographers and videographers. The DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) format will enable us to cover stills and video with one camera as with modern compact cameras. This means lighter tripods and therefore more manouverability. Yes, we can now jump on and off trains carrying stills and video all in one bag. The main difference however, is the unbelievable performance in low light, particularly useful for night time events, and action such as corporate team building. When we recently tested the camera in very low light at the Focus On Imaging Exhibition at the NEC, we were astounded by the incredible quality of the full HD video and stills. Noisy and grainy images or video are usually associated with compact and amateur cameras in darker situations such as parties and corporate events, in which the sensitivity to light is automatically increased. The small light sensors in these cameras can’t cope adequately at these extremes. It makes sense therefore – if you pay 12 times the price for the best piece of professional kit money can buy, you expect 12 times the quality, which is exactly what you get. High speed indoor or night time action photography and video utilising poor ambient light is being revolutionised, and we’re going to be right there on the front line!

Nikon_D4_camera product photography

Other benefits to our clients will be the ability for us to capture video clips to be used for future edits whilst on a stills shoot, at very minimal additional costs. YouTube virals are becoming the way to go and with as many enquiries coming in for web video as stills photography, the Nikon D4 is paving the way.

Our new baby arrives on Monday 19 March and we can’t wait to play with her!

Simon Lane LBIPP, Product Phographer, Hertfordshire.