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London 2012 – Hyde Park London Live

Well we didn’t all get the tickets we had hoped for when applying on the rather fragile London 2012 official website and in fact most of us didn’t get any. I was lucky enough to have acquired a couple of diving tickets but like many, was disappointed considering the number of tickets I applied for.

London Event Photographer

All was not lost however. Whilst central London got off to a rather slow start and to be fair, was pretty quiet up until the first Thursday of the games, there was a lot on for those that didn’t get into the Olympic venues. Having spent a few days in Hyde Park filming for the Russians exhibiting their Krasnodar region and the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, I decided a separate visit to BT London Live at Hyde Park without the burden of heavy cameras would be worthwhile. Armed as ever with my trusty compact camera and a wife, we made our way down to the free event. concerns that a lack of people in London in the preceding days might provide a lacklustre atmosphere turned out to be unfounded. By the Thursday, the crowds had turned out and cheered as gold medals started rolling in.

My compact proved to be the tool of the moment. Small, lightweight and with stunning HD video capabilities, I was able to record the superb atmosphere with both stills and video. Close-up and wide-angle shots with the excellent zoom lens enabled me to capture great crowd moments for my own personal archive. As a professional photographer, I of course look at the finer detail of images, lacking in compact cameras and the capabilities professional equipment can offer however, there are times when the weight of the equipment could spoil the enjoyment of a fun day out. When I’m not working I usually prefer the ease of a camera on the hip.

As a London event photographer I am lucky enough to possess some of the best photographic equipment available, and possibly to the annoyance of my wife, I might slip my Nikon D4 into a back-pack with a telephoto lens. As I’ll be sitting I won’t mind the extra weight and my Nikon will enable me to capture 11 frames per second. Providing I’m not in the gods, I should get a few good shots of the action. Under indoor lighting conditions, lesser cameras simply can’t cut it. I’ll also be looking to get some pictures of the Men’s Triathlon on Tuesday.

Hats off to LOCOG for a simply wonderful Olympic Games and London 2012. London is rocking!