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How To Make Your Video go Viral

viral video gets your  message out to thousands of people in a short space of time, through a medium which engages and entertains its audience and is memorable. However, videos don’t often become popular on their own – to make your video go viral, you need some help from key influencers in social media.


1. Start with a great video!

Your video has got to have something unique, funny, interesting or exciting about it that will appeal to a wide audience. Using a professional videographer can make all the difference to how it is perceived.

A short video is easier to digest and more likely to be viewed. About a minute is ideal to capture your audience’s attention and get your message across.

If you can make your audience smile, your video is more likely to be shared.

Upload the video to YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and your blog using a great title that appeals to your target audience and contains your main keywords.

2. Use your networks

Getting a video to go viral is a bit like rolling a huge snowball off a cliff – you need some help right at the beginning to get the thing going, but once it takes off, momentum will keep it moving.

Build up your network of online contacts using social media so that when you want to start your video rolling, you have enough people ready to give it a push.

3. Plan in advance

Don’t just post your video and hope for the best. A good viral marketing campaign needs to be strategic. Start planning at least a month in advance by contacting key influencers in your field to get them to commit to the project.

4. If your video is topical – act fast

You want to be the first to get your video seen – no-one’s interested in old news. Tweet the video out, then get in touch with a few contacts directly to get it retweeted.

5. Keep an eye out for who is retweeting and sharing your video

If you get any big news sites or blogs sharing your video, retweet them to show everyone how much influence it has already gained. This might prompt some people to retweet, who otherwise wouldn’t have bothered.

Getting your video to go viral is more strategic, than luck. You’ll need some great video content, a campaign plan and lots of support to get your video in front of thousands of people.

Indigoplum knows what’s needed to create a fabulous viral video. Contact us for more information.