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Organise the Perfect Corporate Event

If you’ve been given the task of organising your first corporate event, chances are you’re feeling a little nervous at the prospect. You’re probably wondering how many people will attend, whether your budget is adequate, and how you’re going to fit in all the planning between now and the day. It’s a big undertaking so it’s perfectly natural to feel a little trepidation, but help is at hand with these top tips for organising the perfect event.
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  1. Hire furniture to give a contemporary feel. Hiring statement furniture for your corporate event can really convey a strong message about your company’s identity and ethos. High‑end contemporary furniture shows you’re a modern, forward-looking organisation. It demonstrates a desire to offer your clients the very best, but also shows an awareness of current trends and tastes which suggests that you will also have excellent knowledge of your market. Whether you require formal or informal dining, a conference setting or something more relaxed, hire furniture from specialists such as Rio Lounge to make an impact.
  2. Create separate zones. It’s a great idea to have separate zones where guests can chill out and relax during breaks, or do a bit of pre- or post-event schmoozing and networking.
  3. Choose the perfect location. You might think this goes without saying, but even the most magnificent surroundings can lack atmosphere if you choose a venue that is too large for the number of guests. Equally, you don’t want to squeeze guests into a space that’s too small. They key is to get your numbers right early on in the planning process and find a space that is a comfortable fit. For the convenience of your guests, it’s also important to choose somewhere easy to find with ample parking.
  4. Know how to handle your budget. When planning a corporate event it’s imperative to manage your budget well. Whilst the main focus will be on on-the-day costs like catering and guest speakers’ fees, don’t overlook pre-event expenses such as invitations and promotional materials. Beware also the hidden fees that some venues might add to your bill, such as Wi-Fi access or rental of multimedia equipment. Make sure you get a full breakdown of costs before you confirm your booking.
  5. It’s all in the planning. A corporate event is a project in the truest sense of the word, and like any project it requires meticulous planning above all else. Set your objectives, which might include the message you want to get across, attendance or sales targets and what press or media coverage you are hoping to achieve. Then create an action plan of the steps needed to meet those objectives and set your agenda for the day. Risk management is also key: what could go wrong and what will you do about it if it does?
  6. Get a great events photographer. Last but not least you’ll want to capture the atmosphere, activities and the success of your event for social media and intranet use. Hire an experienced events photographer who can offer creative input on how to get the best from your event photos. It’s worth investing in the right professional as they’ll deliver a lucrative set of shots for your website, social media, press releases, advertising and many other uses.

And there you have the main ingredients for a successful corporate event. Yes, there’s a lot to think about, but hopefully you now feel less daunted and better equipped to pull off not just a successful, but an exceptional event. Whatever you’re planning, we hope it’s a triumph!