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Product Photography Tips: Taking Photos That Sell

The internet and the growing tidal wave of ecommerce has forever changed the way that products and services are sold. Customers are now more likely than ever to make purchases online, without having ever held the actual product in their hands.

It goes without saying that in this environment, product photography is vitally important to the success of your venture. You might have great products and be able to drive huge volumes of traffic to your website, but you can virtually guarantee that if your product photos don’t exude quality, trust and transparency then you won’t make many sales.

Product Photography Tips

Taking great product photos needn’t be overly complicated. By following these simple product photography tips below you’ll be able to quickly improve the style and quality of your own product photos:

  • Get your brand and style across – Don’t feel that product or packshot photos need to be boring, plain photos of the products. You can use this as an opportunity to emphasise your brands individual style. This might come through in your choice of model, background, or even the angle at which the photos are taken.
  • Show the product in context – Similarly, just taking a photo of the product in isolation doesn’t always show it in its best light. Taking photos of the product in the context that it will be used or worn can help customers to visualise themselves using it, which in turn makes them more likely to buy.
  • Background – Setting up a simple white background for catalogue style photos allows your product to stand out without distractions.
  • Lighting – Light is key to getting high quality photos. Proper studio lighting ensures the product is clearly visible and can create shadow and shape that clearly shows the shape of the product. By taking the time to set up lighting correctly you can also avoid unwanted reflections, which will save you time in the long run.
  • Edit and retouch – Taking a great photo is really just the starting point. By spending time editing and retouching photos you can remove any imperfections or props used while shooting. You can also improve the quality of the image, or make stylist changes to enhance it further.

Consider consulting the experts

While the tips outlined above will unquestionably help you to take better product photos, if you’re serious about selling online, or through a catalogue, you will be far better off consulting professional product photographers.

With specialist skills, equipment, facilities and editing software, professional photographers can create photos that ensure products are captured in the best way to maximise saleability.

While you might have concerns about the expense of engaging a professional, even a slight improvement in your conversation rate could make paying a professional worth it.

Specialist Product Photographers in Hertfordshire

At Indigoplum we have a team of talented photographers who specialise in taking high quality product photos. We provide professional studio space with a variety of backgrounds and props to suit any need, or alternatively we can set up a mobile studio at your premises. View our Product Portfolio.

For more information or advice on product photography, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to our specialist product photographer.