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Using Fireworks At Your Event

Whilst we’ve been through a period where it’s fair to say, most extras have been cut and many events have been srtipped to the bare bone – especially in the corporate world, the tide is now turning and event companies are once again going to need to show that they can provide the ultimate experience in order to gain new potential business.

Criccieth_Festival_Fireworks Event Photography

Of course, corporate event photographers such as ourselves will also want a cut of the action, but an event must be special and must look special. Fireworks have been around for some 600 years but with modern technology, it is now more than just an illumination in the sky. A good firework display is a feast for the visual and audio senses. Piecing together a well orchestrated firework and light show including lasers, is very much like video editing whereby placing the video clips to cut in time to the music, the eyes and ears can make sense of the harmonics between image and sound. I have worked with many firework companies at events and we always seek to establish the width of a firing range and the coverage during light hours if possible and well before the event starts, by speaking with the firers. This enable us to capture the best shots or video of the display. A good firework company will have an up-to date idea of wind forecasts and will take into account wind direction at the time of the display. This is imperative as it ensures fireworks are not going to be exploding over the heads of the audience.

One of the country’s leading fireworks companies Fantastic Fireworks offer the most professional service I have personally come across, providing inspirational displays perfectly choreographed to music from small private events to big national events across the width and breadth of the UK. As members of the British Pyrotechnics Association they even provide accredited training courses for firers.

If you’re organising an event and you feel it needs that extra sparkle, contact the Fantastic Fireworks team at info@fantasticfireworks.co.uk