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0333 900 2792 info@indigoplum.co.uk

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst Brochure Photographer

The GSK sponsored Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst required new updated photography for brochures to send out to their prospective clients looking to potentially base their businesses and laboratory space within the Bioscience hub.


Updated photography for Prospective Clients Brochure

Key to capturing the photos was to show an environment with excellent meeting facilities and relaxation areas for networking as well as the physical link to GSK and a social working environment for like-minded companies. Speaking about some of their current tenants gave focus to the type of existing companies already operating within the Catalyst.

This entailed mainly photography of people, both candid and set-up either during meetings in a natural way that didn’t look posed or modeled. This entailed some telephoto shots taken at a distance in the open meeting areas without the subjects being particularly aware. Some photography in labs and offices did require setting up for case studies of award winning businesses but the brief was for the pictures and lighting to look as natural as possible. One of the aspects that required coverage was to show the linkage between the catalyst and the main GSK site buildings without showing the faces of staff working for GSK. This was achieved during the busy lunch period by shooting from in front of the GSK building towards the Catalyst with people transferring between the two buildings, Using a variety of techniques including mounting the camera on a tripod and using relatively slow shutter speeds to give an amount of blur to the movement, and shots with people walking away from camera in the foreground, this key photo requirement was achieved with great success.

Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst Architectural Photography

Simon Lane, head photographer and owner of Indigoplum has specialisied in corporate and commercial photography for over 35 years. Because of his knowledge of architectural photography as well as a wealth of experience photographing in the corporate business sector, it made sense to marry the two and cover all aspects of the required photography within a day.

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