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Using Video for Education on your Website

Video is a great way of educating your website visitors. With video, you can reach a large number of people all across the world, from one central place. It is an engaging medium that keeps your audience captivated while you get your point across. On the web, people often flick from one page to the next, not really reading the content in great depth. A video can be a good antidote to this as you can lead your viewers through the material in a pre-defined order which allows you to clearly explain your point.

Education video for small business

Video for Online Learning
E-learning is the delivery of educational content over the web. It is now standard practice in many schools and universities to include part of the course material online, either on a website or in a virtual learning environment. Video is an effective way of presenting online course materials in a stimulating way. The learners can access the content at a time and location convenient to them, reviewing the materials as often as they like.

Educational Video for Schools
If you need to cover a specific topic you could buy a licence to an existing video. BBC Active sells digital video licences to those looking to feature BBC television programmes on their websites for educational purposes. This could be a great way to cover a specific topic in more depth, or to examine real life case studies.

Educational Video for Business
Video is also great for businesses in order to educate potential clients. You can show detailed videos of your products in action, highlighting their features and benefits.  It encourages people to stay on your website for longer and lays the foundation for a developing relationship: encouraging loyalty and return visits.

Video on your website makes your content more palatable to those with different learning styles. Some people like to read, some like to watch and others like to hear. This is one reason why it is a good idea to always create a transcript underneath the embedded video. It makes your website accessible: even those who are deaf can find out what you’ve got to say. It’s also a good idea for search engine optimisation as Google can’t watch your video but can pick up your keywords in the transcript.

5 tips for creating great website video:

  • Make it unique
  • Must be compelling and useful
  • Keep it brief – or people will switch off
  • For businesses –  ensure that your customers learn something from your video